league engineering services

League is an engineering service company, providing Project, and Production Solutions, to the manufacturing and engineering-consultants-south-australia.swf construction industries.

Industries have changed the way that they do business, more and more depending on outsourcing to solve maintenance and project issues and to top up labour resources to handle those peak manufacturing loads. It takes a particular type of engineering company to handle all of these requirements. A company that employs only the best in their trade, has practical and experienced management, and works toward longstanding relationships with industry leaders..Welcome to League.


Please take some time to have a look around our website. Our aim is to make a site that is fun, practical and informative for both our customers and our employees. It must be above all else, a good communication device for all that use it. We welcome suggestions and accept articles and advertising material from all for consideration to be included in our quarterly newsletter.

Sit back, relax and enjoy, because you have League on the job!




league engineering services